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Ologies and Isms

Ologies and Isms

Häftad bok Oxford University Press. First edition uppl. 2002. 280 sidor.

Nyskick. Ologies and Isms
Michael Quinon
Observera att denna bok är på engelska! Please note that this book is in English.
The book is a new softcover, unread and in perfect condition.
The author of this book is well-known for his website “World Wide Words”.
Published by Oxford University Press in 2002. First edition. ISBN 0192801236
A Dictionary of Word Beginnings and Endings.
Some of the most common--and often misinterpreted--parts of English language construction are prefixes and suffixes. Ologies and Isms unlocks the meaning of these building blocks that make up so much of our modern medical and technical vocabulary. In accessible, plain language this book explains what each affix means. With its huge store of examples--over 10,000 across 1,250 entries--this ready reference illustrates the numerous ways that each is used in everyday speech and writing.
Organised in a handy A to Z format, the book features a full Introduction, a section with definitions of technical terms, and a selective thematic index. Anyone (and there are quite a few of us) who has puzzled over 'antidisestablishmentarianism' or struggled with 'histopathologist' will welcome this volume for the relief it provides.
Format ca: 19,5x13x2 cm. 280 pages.

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