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Consumer Behaviour : a nordic perspecitve

Consumer Behaviour : a nordic perspecitve

Häftad bok. Studentlitteratur. 1 uppl. 2010. 617 sidor.

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Consumer Behaviour : a nordic perspecitve
Ekström, Karin M.
617 sidor
1321 g
This is the first Nordic textbook on Consumer Behaviour. The aims of the book are to describe and explain consumer behaviour in general and stimulate reflection on Nordic consumer behaviour in particular. The book is unique in that it includes contributions from key researchers in the Nordic countries representing a variety of disciplines. The different perspectives, theories and methods that are used in the various disciplines contribute to a better and more comprehensive understanding of the diverse dimensions of consumption. This textbook emphasises the Nordic perspective by including examples from the Nordic countries. The literature review is international, however, and refers to the most central literature on the topic. Although the textbook is mainly aimed at undergraduate and graduate students at universities in the Nordic countries, it will also be of interest to researchers, companies and organisations in the private and public sectors, government agencies and consumer protection agencies.The book consists of 30 chapters and is divided into four parts. In the first part of the book, the focus is on consu-mers and consumption in society. Part two deals with consumers as individuals. In part three, the focus is on consumers in the sociocultural context in which consumption is constructed. Part four deals with consumers and communication.- - -The book covers a wide range of topics in consumption studies and offers an interesting overview of the Nordic research in this highly actual research field.Jukka Gronow, professor, Departement of sociology, Uppsala University- - -The great majority of existing textbooks in consumer behaviour is, dominated by a rather narrow, American business focused view. Professor Karin Ekström in collaboration with multiple Nordic research has succeeded in bringing forth an eye-opening book changing this biased and narrow view. The book is very likely to influence the teaching of con-sumer behavior, but should be very beneficial for others such as managers, researchers and consumer politicians, and is highly recommendable.Kjell Grønhaug, professor, Department of Strategy and Management, Norges Handelshøyskole- - -Consumer behaviour can be understood only if we apply a profound consumer perspective on the issue. A number of Nordic researchers on consumer behaviour have done just that over the years. This I the reason why Karin Ekströms book on consumer behaviour with contribution by a number of Nordic researchers, is highly relevant for everybody interested in understanding consumers. Solveig R. Wikström, professor emerita, Business Strategy and Consumption, Stockholm University

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Redaktörer: Ekström, Karin M