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Touching The Eternal: India Retreat (Region 0, 1080 Min; 6 Dvd)

Touching The Eternal: India Retreat (Region 0, 1080 Min; 6 Dvd)

Annat filmformat.

Nyskick. Sounds True. 2007. Oläst. Förlagsny.

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Touching The Eternal: India Retreat (Region 0, 1080 Min; 6 Dvd)
Tolle, Eckhart
Sounds True
263 g
Through the centuries countless people from around the world have been coming to India, thirsty in their search for truth. Considered to be the birthplace of spirituality, India has produced more great mystics and spiritual teachers than any other country. What more fitting place for Eckhart to speak of the eternal Now? It is here on the banks of the holy Ganga, amidst the snow-capped Himalayas and the tremendous beauty of scarlet sunsets that a group of determined souls from around the globe met to sit together in silence. With Eckhart s guidance, the rigors of living in India served as teachers pointing to the release of attachment to form and to seeing deeper into the inner. Join them in this transformational experience and allow yourself to be guided through words and stillness into the state of presence. This is the surrendered state of consciousness in which the very limitations of form become an opening into the divine. During this seven day retreat Eckhart speaks with humble authenticity, wisdom and humor on a wide range of subjects. Lesson Titles: DVD 1 The Renunciation of Thought DVD 2 Death Dying: The Greatest Portal DVD 3 The Power of Not Knowing DVD 4 Addiction to Suffering DVD 5 Spiritual Practice and Patterns of Resistance DVD 6 The Last Delusion Lessons contained in this series: children and spirituality, conscious suffering, self-esteem, couple partnerships, falling in love, addiction, guilt, forgiveness, prayer, death and dying, loneliness, devotion. 6 x DVD Running time: 18 hours (approx) DVD Region free (suitable for regions 1,2,3,4,5 & 6) NTSC format (will play on all recently manufactured PAL DVD receivers, year 2000+)

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Författare: Tolle, Eckhart