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Last Rites (Signed)
Last Rites (Signed)

Last Rites (Signed)

Inbunden bok Henry Holt and Company. First American edition, signed by the author uppl. 1999. 312 sidor.

Nyskick. Skyddsomslag i nyskick. Last Rites (Signed) John Harvey Observera att denna bok är på engelska. Please note that this book is in English. The book is a hardcover with dust jacket. It is new, unread and in perfect condition. Published by Henry Holt and Company in 1999. First American edition, signed by the author ISBN 0805041508 Protected in a clear plastic wrapper. A copy of this book is impossible to find on the Internet. Guns and drugs, gang wars and police corruption: seems more like America's inner cities than England's Nottingham, where once the only crime wave was wrought by Robin Hood. This one, alas, has local law enforcement tied up in knots. So, when a convicted murderer out on compassionate leave turns up at his mother's funeral and abruptly disappears, the local cops don't have much time to spare for a manhunt. Let the prison authorities do the job. But things aren't quite that simple. They never are when it comes to crime -- or to affairs of the heart. Last Rites is a gritty and violent tale of modern-day cops and killers, but at its beating heart, it's about love: obsessive, familial, perverted, tender. It's about what we do in the name of love -- and what love does to us. It's a fitting end to a fine series. Format: 22x15x2,5 cm. 312 pages.

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