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The Power of Prayer: Guidance, Prayers, and Wisdom for Listening to the Divine

The Power of Prayer: Guidance, Prayers, and Wisdom for Listening to the Divine

Ljudböcker. Sounds True. 2011.

"All prayers are heard and answered," says Caroline Myss. Can that be true? As you come to understand the original role of prayer in personal transformation, you begin to realize that it could be no other way. On The Power of Prayer, Caroline Myss invites you to experience prayer at its deepest and most profound level - as a direct channel into union with God. "When we pray from a place of inner stillness, our thoughts and words become sacred," Myss explains, "and we can hear the answering call of heaven." Join her to begin a revolution in the way you pray, as you explore:

How and why we pray - moving beyond the stage of "petition prayer" to a place of true openness to guidance from a higher source
How humility allows us to bypass the ego and connect directly to the divine
The transformational journey - why a willingness to sacrifice the familiar and enter the unknown puts you on the path of grace
Prayers for healing, for the morning and evening, navigating difficult times, and expanding your capacity to act from a place of love

There comes a point in our lives when we are called to pray - when we see that our rational minds cannot make sense of the mystery of life and we realize that we need another way. With The Power of Prayer, Caroline Myss offers new insight into the most important tool available to us on our spiritual journey - and for calling upon the grace that will never fail to guide and shelter us.


The Power of Prayer: Guidance, Prayers, and Wisdom for Listening to the Divine
Myss, Caroline
Sounds True
141 x 125 mm Ryggbredd 11 mm
113 g